The Quantumland in which Alice travels is rather like a theme park in which Alice is Quantumland shows the essential features of the quantum world: the world. Alice in Quantumland is Robert Gilmore’s amazing fantasy ride through the landscape of quantum physics – the interrelated group of theories on the nature of . Alice is about to enter a whole new Wonderland. It’s Quantumland–a kind of intellectual amusement park, smaller than an atom, where each attraction.

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Jul 25, Reenah rated it really liked it Shelves: I wouldn’t recomm May be I wasn’t the target audience, but the allegory just did not work for me. For the most part these are true.

E se Alice invece che nella tana del bianconiglio finisse nel mondo dell’infinitamente piccolo? One of the best books about science I have ever read. The attempted parallel with Carroll’s Wonderland feels awkward and forced. Moreover, you’ll get the feeling that the combination of a secondary-school physics textbook and Alice in Wonderland is sometimes a bit clumsy and inept. I understood more about quantum mechanics before I read the convoluted allegory.

The idea of the book is very good, however, while many topics are well explained, others are much more easy to be understood by a quick google search than by the allegories presented in the Alice’s journey.


Even if he did! Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. Interference take place -Electrons are seen: No eBook available Springer Shop Amazon. I have my physics quantymland to thank for lending me his book. The Experimental Physics Phun Phair.

It is an inn book trying to explain how quantum principles are not intuitive and differ from what we see in our daily lives. An Allegory of Quantum Physics.

Alice in Quantumland : Robert Gilmore :

Unlike Hawking, he writes in such detail that halfway through the book you’ll probably get lost in the amount of information luckily there’s an index at the back. Well, in a fictional way. This may be a good idea for a book, but it isn’t any more understandable than any other book on quantum physics that I’ve tried.

She’s headed for Quantumland. Uncertainty, Pauli exclusion, virtual reality and many other quantum One of the best books about science I have ever read.

Alice in Quantumland : An Allegory of Quantum Physics

Dec 02, Teo rated it it was ok. Jul 20, Lucas Alegre rated it liked it.

Or has been described for the amateurs. Atoms in the Void; 8. She’s going to shrink again – to the size of a nuclear particle – alixe she’s not going down the rabbit hole. Otherwise, I was impressed with his ability to apice two extremely different notions in such a manner. The only reason I didn’t rate the book a five-star is that I have heard that the equation used to prove quantum physics had to be changed by adding in a part that was incorrect.


Einstein must be right; “God doesn’t play dice!

Alice in Quantumland: An Allegory of Quantum Physics

Dec 26, PABlo Bley rated it it was amazing. Many of the principles explored in this book, I have studied in high-school – Pauli’s exclusion principle, Heisenberg uncertainty, the double-slit experiments, etc.

Return to Book Page. I almost understood the first half of the book only.

Think of it as an intellectual amusement park smaller than an atom, where every ride, game, and attraction demonstrates a different aspect of quantum mechanics – the often baffling, always intriguing theoretical framework that seems to provide the most accurate explanations apice the way things are in the physical world. Jul 26, Noha rated it it was ok. I went into this book under the impression that Robert Gilmore would use Alice on a medium to teach readers about quantum physics.

The Matrix of Visual Culture: Neff rated it really liked it. A love for learning will continue to grow when fed with knowledge.

That said, this book is ambitious and in my opinion does fulfill its goals of providing a primer for a very unintuitive field.