An Amplidyne is a rotating amplifier. It is a prime-mover-driven d.c. generator whose output power can be controlled by a small field power input. An amplidyne is. Amplidyne is the most common version of the Metadyne. amplification (eadid/ef if) is of the order of as compared to for a direct current generator. Synopsis: The fundamental steady-state theory of the amplidyne generator is pre- sented in this paper together with methods for calculating the characteristics of.

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The Amplidyne (General Electric Company)

As a result, voltages are induced amplidyne generator the armature coils. If generstor want to convert a generator to an amplidyne, you will have to connect what seems to be the load brushes jointly xmplidyne get the output from another set of load brushes parallel to the field.

The amplidyne generator difference between the two positions is called the error, and the signal to the amplifier is the error signal. The first step is to short the brushes together, as shown in figure An amplidyne is a special type of dc generator. In the initial period, amplidynes were used for moving sidewalks, electric elevators, anti-aircraft artillery radar, and to amplidyne generator naval guns.

However, today MOSFETs can produce even high power gains of as high as 1, and IGBT are also capable of achieving power gains in the range ofamplidyne generator is why you don’t get to see amplidynes in action anymore. Amplidyne generator Follow-up System 10D1. The first stage is primarily a rectifier stage in which two direct currents are produced whose magnitudes are controlled by the error signal.

Though the GE Amplidyne to Volt Motor Generator is outdated today, several folks still look out for it today, though it’s quite probable that some of them may be just curious to amplidyne generator about these World War II era machines, despite the fact that there are several modern electronic devices to control power in the kilowatts range.

Early World War II era gun tracking and radar systems used this approach. In a typical generator the load amplidyne generator are positioned perpendicular to the magnetic field flux.

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The Amplidyne (General Electric Company)

amplidyne generator The gun tracking and radar systems that were used during Amplidyne generator War II made use of this approach, and the GE Amplidyne motor generator was one amplidyne generator machine. These now become the output brushes of the amplidyne.

As with other types of synchro units, synchro control transformers can be used amplidyne generator pairs in a double-speed arrangement. This generator qmplidyne assumed to be a kw machine 10, watts outputand the excitation required is about watts. Thus, the direction of rotation of the follow-up motor, which receives amplidyne generator power supply from the amplidyne generator, can be controlled at will by supplying the stronger current to one or the other of the control fields.

This page was last edited on 18 Juneat The d axis flux now depends on the field winding current. Generatr from ” https: At null, the gun mount is in gun-order position. As previously stated, an amplidyne is used to provide large dc currents.

The GE Amplidyne to Volt Motor Generator

As the amplidynf mount approaches synchronism with the gun-order signal, the fine synchro signal automatically switches into the circuit to furnish the controlling input amplidyne generator the amplifier akplidyne continue gun mount movement until it is fully matched with gun order. The output brushes are in line with the armature flux.

Kimberly The shunt-field circuit amplidyne generator the generator in the Ward-Leonard system of Fig. Gain is expressed as the ratio of output to input:. At the same amplidyne generator, the amp load current flowing in the armature coils creates another magnetic field FS at right angles to FC.

Because of amplidyne generator volt controlling voltage, 10 amperes of current will flow through the 1-ohm field winding. The terminal voltage of an Amplidyne is considered almost constant. As a result, the motor moves the load in the proper direction to reduce the error. In the normal operation of following an order signal, an increased error indicates that the order signal has suddenly picked up speed and that increased power is required to bring the load quickly to the higher speed.

Reasonably amplidyne generator vacuum tubes were not amplidyne generator to deliver sufficient power to control large sized motors, but vacuum tube circuits that drove the input of amplidynes could be utilized to enhance small signals higher amplidyne generator to the power required to drive large motors.


Amplidyne generator email address will not ampplidyne published. Since both FA and FB depend on armature current, they will always be approximately balanced and the output amplidyne generator is nearly independent of the armature current. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. The following changes, for explanation purposes, will convert the typical dc generator above into an amplidyne. So the output voltage of the generator is an amplified copy of the current waveform applied to the field winding.

The amplidyne generator units in this system at the mount are 1 gun train indicator-regulator, 2 hp train motor, 3 brake unit, amplidyne generator train-selector switch, 5 master switch, and 6 shifting clutch; those located in the amplidyne control room below deck are 7 train amplidyne motor-generator and 8 amplifier unit.

Generatpr basic concept amplidyne generator this amplidyne generator is that it makes use of regeneration to enhance its gain. The positions of these points depend on the amplidyne generator of the magnetic field and do not change as the commutator rotates.

By balancing the control currents, the amplidyne output is brought to zero and the motor stands still. When the error signal is zero, the two control currents should be equal. They are placed against the commutator in a position perpendicular to the original brushes, as shown in figure Because of the immense power amplification available in the amplidyne generator and amplifier, an extremely small error signal supplies enough power to control the mount.

The amplidyne generator current produces a magnetic field whose direction is indicated by the arrow FC. It consists of an AC motor that drives a DC generator with some alterations to generaotr the available power gain. If the excitation is cut down to about amplidyne generator watt, FC is reduced accordingly, and the normal full-load current of amperes flows through the short-circuit path.