BOSS Micro BR / BR TRAINING GUIDE. Contents. 1. FEATURES. 2. QUICK DEMO. 3. GOING DEEP. 4. FIVE FEATURES TO KNOW and SHOW. 5. new unit, Owner’s manual should be read in its entirety. The manual should be “BOSS BR Series Wave Converter” and “eBand Song List Editor” are on the included SD card. For BOSS MICRO BR BR DIGITAL RECORDER. Tracks. User manual for Boss Micro BR by pilotb4. MTR The BR is a mobile-sized multi-track recorder designed for portability. and an array of effects. p. a.

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Press the [ b STOP button to stop recording. For the insert effects, the available effects and the order in which they are connected the algorithm will differ for each category and patch.

A drum kit suitable for 4. The Menu screen boss micro br 80 manual appear.


The built-in tuner supports guitar or bass guitar. Turning The Power Off Other settings you were editing will be saved automatically when you turn the power off. A screen for midro track EQ editing will appear.

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Use the track buttons to select the recording track p. Press the [ ] REC button. Contents Detailed Effect Settings.


WAV will be created automatically. Detailed Effect Settings 3. Table of Contents Add bd my manuals Add. Drag and drop the WAV files that you want to copy. Got it, continue to print.

Obtain the sound of a bass guitar while playing an electric guitar. This effect is designed specifically for the built-in microphones.

Numerous rhythm patterns are built in, so you can enjoy playing in a variety of musical styles. Page of Boss micro br 80 manual. Play along with a completed song Since the BR lets you change the playback speed without changing the pitch, you can practice at your own tempo.

Boss BR-80 Owner’s Manual

Could the SD card be write protected? The recording track will switch each time you press the track button. Rewind The song will play back. Procedural Flow in eBand Mode In eBand mode, you can record bows guitar performance together with a backing song. The effect patch select screen will appear.

Approximately 30, events are allocated for each newly created song. Press the [MENU] button. Fast-forward The display will show the file that was recorded. Press the [ ] PLAY button to start recording.


Boss MICRO BR BR-80 Workshop Manual

Digital Recorder Type of Equipment: Tips for Mastering Adjusting the master level To get a powerful sounding recording, raise the volume bf it is as high as you can get it without causing the sound to distort. Connecting Headphones The BR does not contain speakers.

Level of the song. Other settings you were editing will be saved automatically when you turn the power off. If the USB cable is disconnected, data might be lost. Mastering effect Press the [ ] REC button. You can choose the basic play mode in which the songs play consecutively starting from boss micro br 80 manual first song, or play just the selected single song, or play songs in random order shuffle play.

Press the [COSM] button. By pressing ‘print’ button you will print only current page. Please contact Roland customer service or — failed.