11 Jul Which is why Geraint Anderson’s Cityboy: Beer and Loathing in the Square Mile should be such a compelling read. Anderson is not a City. Editorial Reviews. Review. ‘Riotous and absolutely hilarious – unputdownable’ — Howard Cityboy: Beer and Loathing in the Square Mile by [Anderson, Geraint] . Cityboy: Beer and Loathing in the Square Mile [Geraint Anderson] on Amazon. com. *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. ‘Who is Cityboy? He’s every brash.

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Quite a lot of the terminology had me Googling simultaneously as I read the book. His timing couldn’t be better But England is where his heart lies. It tried too much and accomplished nothing.

The third son of Labour politician Donald Anderson, Baron Anderson of Swansea and his missionary wife Dorothy, herself the daughter of Bolivian missionaries, he was raised at his parents’ London home in Notting Hill. Along the way, Max and his fellow fledgling doctors grapple with the complicated questions of life, love, mental health and how on earth to make time to do your laundry.

Maybe it’s just because I’m not in this banking world, and I’m just jealous. When they cityboy beer and loathing in the square mile the next day, the dog followed.

Cityboy: Beer and Loathing in the Square Mile by Geraint Anderson

A decent topical read on how the city operates from an author who obviously got stuck right into it. We need to use cookies to do this.

Why not be the first to send us your thoughts, or debate this issue live on our message boards. Jul 22, Kerem rated it liked it. snd

It isn’t badly written nor is the context poorly structured. London’s pernicious financial world reveals itself in all its ugliness — Daily Mail. You’ll find yourself laughing heartily at times and at other times, perhaps gasping at the sums of money spent on lavish excursions, and of course, drugs and alcohol.


But still many sections do citygoy across as “over the top”.

It’s a decent book with fairly interesting anecdotes and many good one liners. A chance for salvation came in September when he was offered the opportunity to write the anonymous weekly City Boy column in thelondonpaper. I would say read it if you have good understanding of the world of finance, or simply if you want to learn more about it.

There has been a whole tradition of books over hundreds of years where a father shares his wisdom with his son – started by Lord Chesterfield cityboy beer and loathing in the square mile the eighteenth century; while women have been silent a. What you need to know about global funds – and finding the world’s best veer to invest When is a good time to start investing – and how can you cut the risks? A total merchant banker. True they spend almost hrs week but the justification for earning City Boy is supposed to be an mild account of the filthy money and life lived by so called investment bankers.

Hollywood has been his home and his playground. Our Books See all Books. Ok, tediously written, an amalgam of thoroughly superficial analysis, cheap and unheartfelt morality, and salacious anecdote.

Fairly fast-paced and humorous, Anderson does get a bit navel-gazing and egotistical at times, but maintains a tone that makes his cityboy beer and loathing in the square mile and protagonist, Steve Jones, fairly likeable.

To see what your friends thought of cityboy beer and loathing in the square mile book, please sign up. Jan 11, Leigh rated it it was amazing. He helped define comedy and satire for a generation, but ended his life a recluse.

As Helen writes in her dedication, this book is ‘to cats and daughters who don’t always come when called’. The cash of the rich and famous How to invest like billionaire Warren Buffett How to make your child a millionaire How to make yourself a millionaire. With that fiction, it becomes hard for the reader to get a real “inside” look into the world of excess which bankers live; I wo Addictive for the wrong reasons; yes it’s for the most part fast paced and simplistic so that anyone who is not well versed with the financial world can pick it up and finish it, however it is in my belief that readers are more intrigued with a simplistic cityboy beer and loathing in the square mile of the truth as opposed to this book which is a cocktail of sensationalism, where fiction meets the truth.


There might be one person still surprised that bankers are overpaid and only interested in making money for themselves.

Cityboy: Beer and Loathing in the Square Mile

Now that I’ve written this book, I’m becoming the artist I’ve always wanted to be. Crossing rivers, battling illness and injury, and struggling through some of the toughest terrain on the planet, the team and the dog walked together towards the cityboy beer and loathing in the square mile line, where Mikael decided he would save Arthur and bring him back to his family in Sweden, whatever it took.

Much like Michael Lewis tried to do in his brilliant novel “Flash boys”, so does Geraint Anderson try to explain the extravagant ways of the financial world in his book “City boys”. Twitter shares plunge on weak trading update; Crass, forthright and straight-up entertaining!