Damek’s Redemption – N.j. Walters DOWNLOAD HERE. Be careful when searching for the truth sometimes reality bites. Legacy, Book 6Myths. Damek’s Redemption By N.J. Walters – FictionDB. Cover art, synopsis, sequels, reviews, awards, publishing history, genres, and time period. E. A LEGACY NOWEL N.J. WATERS NYT & USA TODAY BESTSELLING AUTHOR A. ‘DAMEKS REDEMPTION LEGACY, BOOK 6 N.J. WALTERS Table of .

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He groaned and ignored the heavy throbbing of his cock.

Isaiah’s Haven Book 2: The smell of liquor and warm bodies mixed with the spice of sexual arousal, creating a heady perfume. Another awesome book from N.

Damek’s Redemption Legacy 6 by N. Shrugging it off, he stepped inside redempfion let the door swing shut behind him. He savored the sexual bite, reveled in the heavy weight of his balls. He sat up straighter, every muscle in his body pulling tight. Somehow he knew if he went inside this bar his life would be changed forever.

Walter Mosley Signed Books. It was a delicate task, but he was eventually rewarded when her dream opened up to him. The beginining was slow and didn’t pull me in as fast as the other books.

Unless he was otherwise occupied. Head ducked down, she kept going. Her features were more striking than beautiful. He should have gone to Haven for help.


His heart sameks pumping faster when he saw a garage out back with a shiny new lock on it. He ignored the pungent odor and took a deep breath. This is not one I am likely to re-read. This redemptiom one to dxmeks more than once and enjoy every time. This makes the Vampire Hunters enemy 1 in my book. Nothing else mattered but rescuing Chrissten. Her research into myths and legends has led her to Inhibitions, a nightclub in Chicago. I actuall I hadn’t thought about Damek getting his own book because I thought the focus was on the werewolves and for some reason I thought Ms.

Her scent was ever so faint, almost as if she were masking it somehow. The smell of garbage, urine and sweat seeped upward from the ground and outward from the wooden structure.

And her choice will forever change both their lives. His clothing was gone and so was hers. It was mostly hidden by the bulky dress, which was zipped up tight to her neck and fell all the way to her knees.

Damek’s Redemption

This story about the mysterious and powerful Vampire Damek has become a favorite from this series. Subjects Fantasy Fiction Romance. They had the same colored hair too—brown, but with just about every shade or variation of that color from amber to mahogany.

Rdemption stomach felt queasy and she was still very weak. That would only make her more determined to drain him dry, maybe even snap his neck.


Other books in the series. She hoped Quinn had answers for her. Walters would go back to the pack living North Caroline with Alexandra and her father James Riley the alpha there.

N.J. Walters ~ Legacy

Fury whipped through him at the thought that some other man filled her dreams, some other man knew what she looked like naked and in the throes of her passion. Her full lips were painted a deep red that all redemptionn begged a man to kiss them. Once upon a time N. After doing some research, she has a feeling that Damek, a wealthy club owner in Chicago, is a vampire.

Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Nope, nada, and not sorry about it. Sonia was dreaming and she should have been an open book for him, easy for him to slide in and out of.

Damek’s Redemption

Grabbing the small bag of coffee, she opened it. Her knees threatened to buckle so she sank into the chair that Margaret had vacated. Walters’ Legacy series with great relish.