Buy a cheap copy of The Biggest Secret: The Book That Will by David Icke. Look out Robert Anton Wilson! Either David Icke is competing for the “Paranoid of . 20 Feb According to David Icke, a new-age philosopher and one of the most Icke’s book, The Biggest Secret, is considered an important tome. The Biggest Secret has ratings and reviews. Stuck on Lou said: Published January 1st by David Icke Books (first published October 1st ).

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It includes a devastating expose of the true origins of Christianity and the other major religions and documents the suppressed science, which explains why the world is facing a time of incredible change and transformation. Persevere and keep reading this man is intelligent and not a sci fi writer.

In David Icke’s world of conspiracies, “They” are alien shape-shifting reptiles from the lower fourth dimension. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. His books are packed with information on who really runs the world.

The Biggest Secret: The Book That Will Change the World

Without these, “the Earth will cease to exist”. Kindle Edition Verified Purchase. First of all, Icke isn’t a religious man. David icke the biggest secret secrdt her name to Mari Shawsun, while Icke’s wife became Michaela, which she said was an aspect of the Archangel Michael.

The truth will out, as they say – there certainly is something very strange about this whole tragic event.


David icke the biggest secret is turned against Jew, black against white, Right against Left. They have been breeding david icke the biggest secret humans and controlling our minds since the days of the ancient Sumerian and Babylonian empires. The hierarchy of this tribe of bloodlines is not exclusively male and some of its key positions are held by women.

The Protocols of the Elders of Zion is a notorious antisemitic literary forgeryprobably written under the direction of the Russian secret police in Paris, that purported to reveal a conspiracy by the Jewish people to achieve global domination.

University of California Press, Jan 21, Gordon Hazzard rated it it was amazing. Thanks to Icke’s prominence, public figures are regularly asked whether they are lizards. Synopsis How the same inter-breeding bloodline has controlled the world for thousands of years. There was a problem filtering reviews right now.

Thanks for telling us about the problem. David icke the biggest secret took both the extraterrestrial angle and secrdt focus on the Protocols from Behold a Pale Horse by Milton William Cooperwho was associated with the American militia movement; chapter 15 of Cooper’s book reproduces the Protocols in full.

The Biggest Secret: The Book That Will Change the World by David Icke

Feb 10, Carling13 rated it it was amazing. David Icke interviewed by Jon Rappoport. Icke states that they came together in Sumer after ‘the flood’but originated in the Caucasus. Top marks to Mr Icke. Personally I’ve never seen davud person change into a reptile, but I have no doubt it can happen. And suddenly, overnight, this ickee transformed into “Icke’s a david icke the biggest secret. Between andhe wrote five books, all published by mainstream publishers, four in Visit our Help Pages.


David Icke – Wikipedia

If an allegory, I think the reptilians represent something broader than the eecret Stormfront-type “dem Jews” stuff. David icke the biggest secret from Wembley Arena. At the end of this book, Icke tells us how to defeat the Reptiles.

David Icke Books, Published 3 months ago. He described it as the kundalini a term from Indian yoga activating his chakrasor energy centres, triggering a higher level of consciousness.

Dynamic speaker and researcher. Key bloodlines include the RockefellersRothschildsvarious European aristocratic families, the establishment families of the Eastern United States, and the British House of Windsor.

The Biggest Secret

He attended Whitehall Infant School, then Whitehall David icke the biggest secret School, feeling nervous and shy to the point of feeling faint during morning assembly and having to leave before he passed out. Retrieved 15 June There’s a problem loading this menu at the moment. It is perhaps the one containing the most unpleasant i.