The HP Digital Sender c converts black-and-white and color documents, drawings, and photographs into an electronic form and then distributes them. View and Download HP C Digital Sender service manual online. Hewlett- Packard Digital Sender Service Manual. C Digital Sender Scanner pdf. View and Download HP C Digital Sender user manual online. Hewlett- Packard Digital Sender User Guide. C Digital Sender Scanner pdf manual.

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Internal control-panel cable Remove the following items: The screws senddr vary in length depending on the thicknessof the material that is being fastened. Certain functional checks during troubleshooting might require power to be supplied to the digitalsender.

See assembly on page Remove two screws callout 1. The ADF feeds multiple sheets, skews pages, or jams frequently. hp 9250c digital sender manual

Page hp 9250c digital sender manual Open the ADF and remove two screws callout 3. ENWW You might have to cut a zip tie in order to release the wires. Page Right hinge guide1. The final software program that can be used to control the digital sender is the HP Web Jetadmin program. See the DSS support guide for information semder these error messages.

ENWWLocate the white, vinyl calibration strips. Page 45 Flatbed unit and ADF systemElectrical systemThe scanner-assembly electrical system consists of the following components: Remove the ADF left cover. A signal issent to the scanner controller board, which notifies the formatter.

hp 9250c digital sender manual During reinstallation, make sure that the cable is routed correctly. The batteries contained in or supplied by Hewlett-Packard for this product include the following: HP Jetdirect print servers facilitate network management by allowing you to connect a device directly to your network at any location.


If the digitla sender fails when the embedded LAN is enabled and the network cable is unplugged, disablethe embedded LAN and upgrade the digital sender by installing the. Various buttons can appear in this area. The final calibration target must look like thefollowing figure. Turn on the hp 9250c digital sender manual sender.

Turn the device off, and then turn thedevice on. Remove the flatbed scanner assembly. Page Left hinge guide1.

HP 9250C Digital Sender User Manual

Remove the external control-panel cable. Figure Removing the power plug 1 of 2 Using a pair of pliers, depress the two tabs and remove the power plug through the hole.

Page 84 Close the ADF cover. See Using your fingers or a flatblade screwdriver, separate two clips callout 1 and shift the latch to the right so that the notches are aligned. Disposal of waste equipment by users in digitak households in the European Union This np on the product or on its packaging indicates that this product must not be disposed of with your other hp 9250c digital sender manual waste.

Remove one grounding screw and wire callout 3and disconnect two connectors callout 4. Make a note of the digital sender configuration information before performing an NVRAM initialization.

Hp 9250c digital sender manual two screws callout 5unclip three wire clips callout 6sfnder remove three cable covers callout 7.

Immediately after turning on the device, press and hold the 6 key on the control panel do not waitfor the memory-count. When clearing jams, be very careful not to tear jammed kanual.

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The digital send feature that you have selected requires a Windows login. The digital sender comes standard with a hard disk that has a capacity of 40 GBor greater. Touch Administration, touch Troubleshooting, and then touch Touch Display. Remove the ADF rear cover. Calibrating The Control Panel Calibrating the control hp 9250c digital sender manual Use the following procedure to calibrate the control panel Hold down the number key and the C key while turning on the power.

Page SCB cable1. You might have to cut a zip hp 9250c digital sender manual in order to release the wires. Send an e-mail The device scans both black-and-white and color originals.

Figure Removing the scanner rear cover Remove the scanner rear cover by firmly pulling the cover toward you and slightly to the left. Use Information Touch Configuration Page. Clear Jams Clear jams If a hp 9250c digital sender manual message appears on the control-panel display, follow these instructions to clear jams in the digital-sender ADF. Use needle-nose pliers to disconnect one connector callout 1 and unclip three wire clips callout 2. At the bottom of the device, pull out the keyboard tray.

Page 88 Page 89 – Customer self repair warranty service Page 90 – Hewlett-Packard limited warranty stateme Flatbed Scanner Assembly Flatbed scanner assembly Remove the following items: Service-mode functionsThe following routines are available for resetting the digital sender.