Hu-Friedy Launches Innovative eBook, “Practice Efficiency Playbook”. Read Story · Hu-Friedy Launches New Powder for AIR-FLOW® Therapy. The Hu-Friedy Instrument Reference Guide includes: Anatomy of a Dental Instrument; Instrument Sharpening; Instrument Care; Instrument Cleaning and. Consult Hu-Friedy’s entire PDF Catalogue catalogue on MedicalExpo. Page: 1/

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Used to hold prophy paste hu friedy catalog medicaments. Used for trimming and recontouring alveolar bone and gross tissue removal.

Periodontal Products Category Paragraph. Since each procedure has its own subtleties and intricacies, choosing the right instrument or suture for the right application is imperative.

It is the main reason why we have dedicated ourselves to individually hu friedy catalog the highest quality instruments in the profession.

Surgical | Hu-Friedy

With thousands of options to choose from, hu friedy catalog scalers and curettes are created to suit your specific clinical needs. Browse Related Browse Related. Scalpels Accessories Blades Handles. Our comprehensive IMS system is a safer, faster and more efficient way to process and organize instruments.

Brand New HU-Friedy cassette. Surgical Products Category Paragraph. Thin sharp blades used to facilitate the removal of teeth with minimal damage to the surrounding alveolar bone. Used hu friedy catalog grasp and guide the needle when suturing.

Exhibitor catalogue

And frieyd we created Resin 8 Colors scalers and curettes, we combined resin handles in 8 eye-catching colors with hu friedy catalog that maximize your comfort and efficiency to achieve the best clinical outcomes.

Towel clamps to help with placement. Hu friedy catalog reliable results and absolute precision with our finely-tuned, intelligently designed surgical instruments. How the best perform Hu-Friedy listens to you—the dental practitioner—and creates products that are easier to use, more efficient, and put less stress on you and your patients so that you can provide the best clinical care.


Recognizing the need for a robust solution for the growing numbers of prosthodontic patients, Hu-Friedy’s Titanium Implant Scalers are designed to safely and effectively remove calculus catalg Titanium Implant surfaces.

PRODUCTS | Hu-Friedy

The new line of Titanium Implant Scalers is available in five variants, allowing clinicians to thoroughly and safely debride biofilm and calculus from the hu friedy catalog cataalog surfaces of dental implants. Also shop in Also shop in.

Our mandate for excellence is company-wide. Hu Friedy Refine Results. Basic dental instrument kit that was only used for three months once a week in a dental hygiene school pre clinical lab. Used to hold mucoperiosteal flaps, cheeks, lips and tongue away from the surgical area.

Hu-Friedy offers a wide range of scaler designs in a variety of handle options to meet your scaling needs. Both cassettes and instruments hu friedy catalog as pictured, includes both Enviro-Pouches. Our full line of cleaning and care, sterilization and hand hygiene products improve staff and patient safety while maximizing office efficiency.

Whatever your choice, when you select Hu-Friedy you can be confident that you will have a dental instrument of the highest quality to deliver the results you want for you and your patients. Content is provided by exhibitors. At Hu-Friedy, every instrument, from its proprietary metal to the uniquely and textured handle design, is created with one purpose—to help you perform at your best. One cassette is missing one rubber instrument press, as pictured. Basic instrument kit includes: This page was last updated: Disposable Prophy Angles feature ergonomic hu friedy catalog design enhancements to improve clinical outcomes, reduce clinician stress The dentistry trade show.


Delicate instruments for the removal hu friedy catalog root tips in difficult-to-reach areas. Hu friedy catalog new Titanium Implant Scalers are immediately available in the most common scaler variants, including: Used to grasp and stabilize soft tissue.

Choose from innovative options to keep your instruments sharp and high-functioning.

Hu-Friedy surgical curettes are manufactured from stainless steel to hu friedy catalog specifications to ensure optimal surgical performance and longevity. Friexy working ends, constructed of the same titanium alloy as implants and abutments, are gentler on these delicate surfaces than stainless steel.

Achieve superior results hu friedy catalog absolute precision with our finely-tuned, intelligently designed surgical instruments. Used to screen periodontal pocket depth prior to definitive probing and procedures. From routine root canals to complex microsurgery, our endodontic instruments deliver exceptional response, durability and integrity for a variety of procedures.

Designed for efficient and reliable soft tissue closure for all types of dental procedures. Chisels Bone Periodontal Periodontal Bone.

How the best perform

Ligature and suture wires, and wire twisters for surgical procedures. Dental hygiene kit to include 9 instruments: Cassette Forceps Lot Probe Scaler. The catalof teal-colored anodized titanium working ends provide enhanced hu friedy catalog to the abutment surfaces, while serving to differentiate the specialized instruments from the rest of the armamentarium.

It has never been used, however this unit was in bulk packaging and may have very small scuffs.