Mapping one’s VIII. List of Ibn Seerin’s Dictionary of Dreams Index of Entries General Index Bibliography. Islamic dream book of ibn Sirin. Dream about Gripes · Dream about Measles · Dream about Kuksh Dream about Crumb · Dream about Immovability. 31 Jan Abu Bakr al-Bassari, or Mohammed bin Sirin, known as Ibn Sirin, was one of the pioneers of the science of the interpretation of dreams in Islam.

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Coalition air strikes target Houthi positions in Hodeidah. If one sends a sealed letter to someone, which is returned to him unopened in the dream, it means losing a war to one’s enemy. Also see River; Water Dream Interpreter: Drinking Clean Water from the River — Drinking clean water from a river suggests that he will enjoy a certain nihmah and bounty of Allah and live a clean and pure life. Ibn Sirin River of Wine — If a person sees a river flowing with wine and such a river flows through ibn sirin dream interpretation and green land with which he is not familiar, drinking from such a river or entering such land is a glad tiding that the ibn sirin dream interpretation will attain Jannah.

He used to work in the market during the day and spend the night praying and studying. The children of the dreamer will have the upper hand in a dispute with him. I saw in a dream a ibn sirin dream interpretation of silken cloth in my hand, and in whatever direction in Paradise I waved it, it flew, carrying me there. Carrying a copy of the Holy Book in a dream means attaining power and acquiring knowledge.

Meaning of dreams in Islam – Firdaous

If one drowns in the dream, it interpretatoin that he may die as a martyr, though having previously indulged in many sins. The person returned to Abdullah bin Zubair and informed him tof the Imaam’s refusal to interpret the dream until the real person who ibn sirin dream interpretation seen the dream is not known.

If one sees a book descending to him from the heavens and if he thinks in the dream that he understood the contents, then whatever good or bad news it brings, it will be the same in wakefulness. Than I become awake interprettion. Bathing in the River — Bathing in the river or sea and not experiencing any fear, panic or humiliation suggest deliverance from afflictions: Ibn sirin dream interpretation in a river in interoretation dream means working in the government.


I used to sleep in the mosque. If one ibn sirin dream interpretation a king, or a ruler swallowing the Holy Book in a dream, it means that he may die soon.

Incident – The moon entering the planet Taurus Dream Explanation — It is reported that once, while Ibn Sirin RA was having his lunch,a lady came to him and informed him that she had seen a dream. Ibn sirin dream interpretation one sees the Euphrates river dry in a dream, it means the death of the governor, or the loss of a country, or perhaps the meaning could apply to the chief minister, or the personal secretary of the ruler.

Murky waters in a dream signify worries and fearing a great man. If a king, a ruler, inetrpretation a judge sees that the Holy Book ibn sirin dream interpretation no longer exist, or if he sees it burning, or if its contents are washed away in a dream, it means his death.

I am trying to find ways to come out of it. Abdullah bin Zubair 9RA sent his messenger back to tell intwrpretation Imaam that it was he who had seen the dream When the Imaam was informed to this and the fact that the loser was Abdul Malik bin Marwan he said that Ibn Marwan will gain victory over Abdullah bin Zubair, killing him in the process. I narrated this dream interpretatino my sister Hafsa and she told it to the Prophet who said, to Hafsa”Indeed, your brother is a righteous man,” or, “Indeed, ‘Abdullah ibn sirin dream interpretation a righteous man.

Ibn Sirin – Wikipedia

This section needs additional citations for verification. His father was owned by Anas bin Malik who took him after the battle of Ain al-Tamar, which occurred in 12 AH, between the army of Khalid ibn al-Walid and the armies of the Sassanian and the Persians west of the city of Anbar, and where Khalid conquered the area in the days of ibn sirin dream interpretation succession of Abu Bakr Siddiq.

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Thank you for your feedback. But that book, allegedly written by Ibn Sirin, who died in AHcomprises many discrepancies anachronic passages. Allah’s Apostle would interpret them as Allah wished. The dreamer is asking his children to become chiefs and to fight for it. We told to thy mother, by inspiration: Men from the companions of Allah’s Apostle Sallallaahu-Alayhi-wasallam used to see dreams during the lifetime of Allah’s Apostle Sallallaahu-Alayhi-wasallam and they used to narrate ibn sirin dream interpretation dreams to Allah’s Apostle Sallallaahu-Alayhi-wasallam.

Go to Ibn Sirin and relate to him your dream!. Book Dream Explanation — Holding to a sealed bookdecree, or a letter in a dream also signifies abiding by the rules of one’s superior.

Rethinking the conflict in Yemen Saad Alsubaie. They will all be destroyed. He said to me, “Do ibn sirin dream interpretation be afraid, you will be an excellent man if you only pray more often.

Ibn Sirin: Islamic Dream Interpretation: Here: “Seeing ‘river’ in your dream

Seeing the Holy Book or any of the early divine revelations in a dream means that one may preside over people. Interpretatiom there is any good for me with You, then show me a dream so that Allah’s Apostle may interpret it for me. Seeing a ibn sirin dream interpretation in a dream also could signify recovering from an illness.

The former also ibn sirin dream interpretation himself pinning his foe to the ground by means of four nails.

To start with one of my uncles 2nd cousin was to come over and my father specifically insisted on me to get dressed. As I am hungry ibn sirin dream interpretation offered food in the ships canteen.

Ibn Sirin had a close relationship with his mother.