Isabgol Farming Information such as variates, soil conditions, land preparation, climatic conditions, pests and diseases, irrigation methods and much more. A study was conducted during Rabi and to increase the productivity of isabgol (Plantago ovata), an important cash crop in western Rajasthan. successfully utilized for the cultivation of aromatic and medicinal plants. We achieved almost complete germination of isabgol seeds using up to ppm.

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Isabgol is the seed of the isabgol plant. The dehusked grain is sold as animal or bird feed.

Isabgol is commercially important Rabi cultivaion medicinal crop grown in India. Yield in Isabgol Cultivation: If line sowing is used, the yield will be decreased. Also, it needs a warm and sunny climate throughout the year. Immediately after sowing light irrigation is essential. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your isabgkl address will not be published. This helps in the proper growth of the isabgol plants. The mature seeds are low in moisture. Home Submit your content Contact Privacy Policy.

It is also sold in packets in the market. There should not be any delay in harvesting of the isabgol. Other methods can also be used for the elimination of weeds from the field. Pests and Diseases in Isabgol Cultivation: On an average 20 to 30 INR per kg can be obtained. When applying Nitrogen, half dose should be applied at the time of cultuvation and remaining after cultivatiion weeks of sowing.


It is also exported to other countries from here.

Cultivation of Plantago (Isabgol)

It is suitable for growing in temperate regions. Isabgol seeds should be processed through a series of grinding mills to separate the husk. After that, irrigation must be provided accordingly. Your email address will not be published. The humid weather must be avoided at the time isaabgol maturity. Preparing the soil to make it well-drained is very important. Those seeds are harvested at maturity.

It was further revealed that the extent of knowledge in marginal farmers was from Bonsai Tree Growing For Beginners. When the crop is mature and husk turns yellowish and spikes turnbrownish seeds are shed.

The isabgol is mainly used for the treatment of constipation. The issabgol should be sown in rows at 15 cm apart or broadcasted during the month of October to November cool season in India. After three weeks of germination, the second irrigation must be given.

The overall study reports the following main findings: The climatic condition of Jalore district is most favourable for cultivation of Isabgol. Common Names of Isabgol: When mature, the leaves start to turn yellow and the spikes start to turn brown.

There are side effects of Isabgol as well. If the germination is poor second irrigation is given.

Isabgol Farming Information, Isabgol Cultivation Guide

After that, irrigation can be given when the spikes start to emerge. A total of irrigations are needed throughout the growing period of the isabgol crop.

For aphids use ofeietoate 0. Psyllium seed husks are portions of the seeds of the isabol Isabgol plantago ovata. Isabgol is a rabi crop; and needs cool and dry weather during growth period.

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These jsabgol should have well-drainage and optimum pH should be between 7. This crop is commercially cultivated mainly in the states of Rajasthan, Gujarat and Madhya Pradesh. Raking of the soil at occasional intervals is important. Early sowing with high seed rate makes the crop susceptible to downy mildew.

Downy mildew at the lime of spike initiation, intensity is-irijgh where there is humid weather conditon. The harvesting techniques of the isabgol plant are also specific. On an average, kg of seeds per hectare is sufficient for sowing one hectare of land. Different statistical tests like mean, mean percent score, rank, standard deviation and analysis of variance isabogl used in the analysis of data.

KrishiKosh (कृषिकोश)

Jalore is one of the chief Isabgol growing districts of the state. If the delay is done, seed shattering may take place. The seeds must be soaked in biofertilizers or any other suitable chemicals before sowing them. A combination of all the methods can be applied for successful weed removal from the field.

The Isabgol crop should be harvested close to the ground in the early morning hours to avoid seed shattering.