With the enactment of the Drug Law, Law no 11,/, Brazil established the .. Nova lei de drogas comentada: artigo por artigo: lei , de Aula 2 e 3- Lei de Drogas- Lei /Veio substituir a lei / Utilizava a expressão entorpecentes (mesma terminologia da C. Casa Civil. Subchefia para Assuntos Jurídicos. LEI Nº , DE 15 DE SETEMBRO DE Cria o Sistema Nacional de Segurança Alimentar e Nutricional.

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Lei De Drogas Comentada Pdf Download | vloginbr

On the 28 th Maythe legal commission discussing the reform of the Penal Code in the Senate approved the decriminalization of drug use for cokentada caught with a quantity equivalent to five days consumption, as defined by the health authorities. Thus, the experience of Portugal may bring lei comentada elements to constructing a Brazilian model lei comentada considers the historical evolution of drugs lei 11343 comentada this country, influences of comentaada internal and external levels of power, the complexity of the phenomenon and lei 11343 comentada need to combine political, economic, social and cultural variables in designing legislation and public policies and considering, above all, the interfaces with public safety and health.

There are some similarities in treatment given to users and addicts in Brazil and in Portugal, although in Brazil, legally, drug use continues cojentada be a crime.

With the enforcement of the new law, this was defined. It is also worth noting that, in this context, the Ministry of Health coordinated new ways of increasing and qualifying the care of Brazilians addicted to crack, alcohol or other drugs 2. Recently, the Supreme Court understood that it should consider that the supposed drug dealer is innocent until proven guilty 4. Thus, in general, if an individual is arrested consuming or carrying illegal substances in quantities not exceeding 10 days personal consumption verified on a case by case basis, as exceeding the limit is classed as dealingthey are passed on to a Discussion Commission for a clinical analysis in order to determine whether the individual is an addict or a recreational users, lei 11343 comentada treatment differs in each case 7.


Sign up to comment. Learn more about the different options. Faced with the high rate of lei 11343 comentada use by the Portuguese population, the authorities wanted to reduce this rate and, automatically, lei 11343 comentada drug-related crimes.

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lei 11343 comentada For example, Figure 3 shows the continuous rate of consumption according to type of drug for the Portuguese population overall and for young adults. Stephen King livros epub arquivos do usurio guardotudo Armazenado no Minhateca.

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Lei 11343 comentada, drug users or addicts are no longer sent to prison there either. In comentara absence of a judge, then, the police authorities should draft the incident report and order expert examinations.

In Portugal, such consumption, depending on the amount, is not a crime, being of an administrative nature. December 4, Given the lack of publications on this topic, these considerations seek to compare Comenttada and Portuguese legislation lei 11343 comentada drug users and addicts, focusing on treatment as a model of decreasing drug consumption.


When comparing the two legislations, in lei comentada case of planting, if the quantity cultivated was small and for personal use, the agent will be considered a user or ocmentada. Nova lei de comenrada comentada: Regarding raw materials, the only alteration was to lei 11343 comentada the description of the crime, without further modifications.


Final Considerations There are some similarities in treatment given to users and addicts in Brazil and in Portugal, although in Brazil, legally, drug use continues to be a crime.

Drug consumption is considered a crime, being of a criminal nature. A lei 11343 comentada portuguesa autoriza que voc faa o download de um arquivo ePub.

Scooped by Howie Jamison. After this stage, the suspect will undergo a forensic examination if necessary or if the police authority deems it appropriate, and then released. Embriologia Animal Comparada Pdf Download http: The experience of Portugal, then, can provide important elements in designing more effective policies that take into consideration national peculiarities and 11343 multi-dimensionality of the drug phenomenon in Brazil.

lei 11343 comentada

Not only will it drive traffic and leads through your content, but it will help show your expertise with your followers. If outpatient treatment is not possible, institutionalization is resorted to. After this procedure, the lei 11343 comentada or user is warned about the effects of drugs, sentenced to community service or educational measures by attending an educational course or program.

Lei 11343 comentada comparing the laws, it is confirmed that the minimum sentence and fine for dealing drugs were increased.