Nunn’s Chess Openings has 68 ratings and 3 reviews. Manny said: John Nunn is a very clever guy. He went to Oxford at age 15, and received a PhD in Algebr. Birth of an Acronym “Nunn’s Chess Openings” by John Nunn, Graham Burgess, John Emms and Joe Gallagher, Everyman Publishers, Figurine Algebraic. Nunn’s Chess Openings offers more than just a summary of existing analysis. This, then, is Nunn’s Chess Openings — a project which has occupied much of.

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Then it’s black’s choices, cehss by more choices for white the number 2 at the top indicates that it is the second move for white and so on. To learn more about Amazon Sponsored Products, click here. Apparently, the second BCO was done by a team of Russians, but to me, anyway, it also lacks the aforementioned precision.

I should mention that, in contrast to ECO, chsss footnotes never stray visually from the page of their citation by more than one page; this is no small point when one considers ease of use and general readability. The computer-checking itself should practically eliminate one- or two-move tactical oversights I haven’t found any yet.

Graeme Breathnach rated it it was amazing Mar 18, This one volume openings book is more complete than MCO – 14, since it nunns smaller font and packs more information into the pages. He’s extremely thorough and well-organised – you can rely on his resear John Nunn is a very clever guy.

Apparently Fred Reinfeld also did a great deal of the editorial work.

Nunns Chess openings

Joe Gallagher is a grandmaster who plays regularly for the Swiss National Team. It is like any other MCO or whatever. Aloisio Ponti rated it it was ok Oct 07, Related Video Shorts 0 Upload your video.

English Choose a language for shopping. Each section is written by a player with expertise in that area, enabling Nunn’s Chess Openings to provide the sort of insider knowledge that can only be gained by playing an opening against tough opposition. Never-Ending Infinite Sandbox Game! John Kula rated it really liked it Oct 11, From the many emails I’ve gotten, I now believe that the true state of affairs is this: Furthermore, four authors is probably a bare minimum for such a project.

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But much of it can be useful. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read.

If you can’t afford to own a GM’s library, then Nunn’s Openings is for you. Stands the test of time. John Nunn is a very clever guy. So, the number on top of ‘e4’ of white’s first move. I would think that the vast majority of TWIC readers would be well-served by owning a copy the price is certainly reasonableand my only warning would be that masters and advanced opening specialists will not likely find much in it to meet their particular needs.

Now, atI use it after each of my games to see what “theory” says about the opening I play. It is true that some of my openings are not covered very much in this book, but a majority of them are, and usually the ones that aren’t covered I play because I already have a book or other resource for that opening.

Some say it is advanced, others say no prose etc. Every line is given an assessment, a policy which at least guarantees some guidance by the authors. Dear friend, Opening variations have a way of coming back.

No big deal, but it would have been nice to see a few others identified, even with no accompanying detail. Right off, we have the choice of authors: Those readers who are friends with small publishers might point this out to them. I’d like to read this book on Kindle Don’t nunnss a Kindle? Burgess, Emms, Gallagher, and Nunn himself are the cream of the crop in writing about openings. Aside from Batsford, Cadogan now ‘Everyman’and Gambit, I continue to receive precious few books, and even those others I have usually had to specifically request.

This has an odd ring to it–one rather expects a new edition of Pilgrim’s Progress to be one of their first projects. He is one of England’s strongest chess players and once was in the world’s top ten. TWIC is the most widely-read chess site around, I’m sure probably by a landslide; one estimate was 30, readers! After a day of thumbing through this book, I can’t do it justice in a short review, and will undoubtedly return to comment upon it further in forthcoming columns.


I read the reviews for this book. Your recently viewed items and featured recommendations. Paperbackpages. Mark all topics as READ. Nunns chess openings nknns impossible to understand, get Modern Chess Openings instead.

Well im new at reading Encyclopedia’s, and basically weird opening books, such as this one. The editors of the book failed to make nunna comment on every move or at least for each variant, and they remained silent throughout the book! Thanks to all who sent me material on this matter. Know the rules of Chess but want to take your game to the next level?

Nunn’s Chess Openings by John Nunn

Kindle rated it it was amazing May 04, Customers who bought this lpenings also bought. When the Black has 10 lives kings Each subsequent page is a variation usually a named variation 3. It is also a book for the vast majority of club players who, for example, can’t possibly prepare for that Ooenings night match with a thorough review from a page specialty opening book which they may have to borrow anyway ; but do have an hour after work and before the game in which to bone up on what NCO tells them is more-or-less the general state of theory in the two defenses they think their opponent might play.