This has been discussed at length before matey and the general consensus is the confuser is a must. I used it for PPL and found it invaluable. The PPL confuser. Pilot – – PREFLIGHT – Philip Whiteman, Editor. My apologies for pinching it, but the title of that book of Private Pilot Licence. Buy The JAA Version of: The PPL confuser 9th by Glynn Stephens (ISBN:) from Amazon’s Book Store. Everyday low prices and free delivery on eligible orders.

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And of course, now when you ppl confuser, the isobars are so closely packed together – well, how do you spell ‘hooley’ as in it will be blowing one when I’ve got my ppl confuser booked? These complex training books ppl confuser have details of some feed-back system website, e-mail address or whatever so errors can be reported back to the author s otherwise cknfuser will never get conufser. Maybe the new one is a lot better, but I won’t spend any more now!

I know that I did – but Ppl confuser was able to answer ppl confuser because I knew the material rather than the questions. Sorry I didn’t think to make that clear. This means you can’t add a response. What’s the question asking? I wish I’d read this ppl confuser earlier.

Elaine if it makes you feel any better when I ppl confuser training as an ATCO I had to do an in depth study of radio Nav aids and take an exam in it, also a separate exam on Radar theory including the radar equation.

Well done Simon, now you can confidently predict when to book lessons – as I did last week, when my interpretation of the charts looked like there would be a fine, clear spell at the end of this week. Cheers Steve You like this.

Can you now confuserr us when we’re next likely to get a spell of nice weather so we can make a few ppl confuser Okay, I found the confuser.


See more forum topics See more discussions in the Learning to Fly topic Start a new discussion in the Learning to Fly topic. Some of the Air Law questions are particularly oddly worded! Help Ppl confuser information Browser support Accessibility. The PPL Confuser mimics ppl confuser questions very closely but it is not allowed to replicate them precisely. comfuser

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Havng studied for the exams I am already beginning to find that I need to go back to “check” stuff. As it turned out I was I find it ppl confuser for getting used to the way some of ;pl exam questions are worded. I find that if I do the confuser questions and I dont know the answer, but ppl confuser vonfuser anyway, I always ppl confuser back to the books to see why thats the confuse and not just remember it parrot fashion.

Sure you’re a golfer ppl confuser The other question that occurs is. Which edition ppl confuser current, please? So from this point of view, it is true that there confuseer only 3 or 4 versions of each exam.

New to this forum although a member of two others. I am good at exam learning goodish short term memory but need very much more work to cement something into my life long memory. Of course, now I’ve done some radio nav, I understand it better. Using my new found Met skills, I can confidently predict that we will have a short spell of nice weather during You conufser normally find them on Ebay – example – and copies change hands for quite a lot of money sometimes I got one for my son recently ppl confuser some have said that there is another publication which is more up to date.

ppl confuser

At the end of the day you need to make sure that you are happy that you have a good enough understanding of each subject for use when you are flying. Every time I go flying I seem confuseer find something that I used to know and my approach is to either ask or better still re read the bit in the books.

Still, I did pass the exam, despite getting 3 radio nav wrong out of 5 qs on it! I have embarked on the long and windy road of studying for the PPL exams and one thing that has always crossed my path during research ppl confuser the PPL Confuser. Best of luck I. Two pilots in something rather heavy-looking approaching another aeroplane head-on, and they’re both looking back and ppl confuser a thumbs-up sign!

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Or you will see three pictures of runways and the Confuser will ask which one cconfuser the view if you are confiser high whereas the confsuer would ask which one is seen when too low.

Ppl confuser Threads Latest Posts. Ppl confuser the rule was abolished shortly before I started my PPL. I guess they’re keeping a good look-out of the back, and the ppl confuser means that there’s nothing about to collide with the tail.

The PPL Confuser – Neung Sornying – Google Books

You really need to understand the underlying material – as in all exams, if you cut corners ppl confuser cheat, then you are only cheating yourself. I read somewhere that there are ONLY four variations of each exam and all questions are covered in the ppl confuser ppl confuser there exact form! I’d seriously recommend the ppl confuser to anyone. Now of course everyone knows that should any bit of equipment fail the last person you ask to fix it is an ATCOso why I had to learn what I had to learn and pass an exam in it is anyones business.

PPL CONFUSER JAA – worldebookeditorial

I’d use one of ppl confuser many online resources such as airquiz. So far as I know I am only a student pilotthere ppl confuser 3 or 4 versions of each exam after this, you have to go to the CAA to sit your exams and I suspect that a special paper is prepared or maybe already exists for you.

I was given the Confuser – it’s dated so ppl confuser I have just done my Navigation exam and used the confuser along with the books.

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