Reminiscences of a Stock Operator has ratings and reviews. John said: 1) This is a page bull-sesh2) Good to audiobook in order to run th. 21 Dec And thanks to American journalist Edwin Lefevre’s Reminiscences of a Stock Operator, a work of “fiction” that is in fact a thinly veiled biography. I was only fourteen, but after I had taken hundreds of observations in my – 1 – Reminiscences of a Stock Operator mind I found myself testing their accuracy.

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When the orders were taken and they were waiting for the next quotation to come out on the tape I sent in an order through my Stock Exchange house to sell a hundred shares of that particular stock at the market. The market was reminiscence of a stock operator going to drop right reminsicence to China.

Broke again and incapable of assuming the offensive vigorously.

The reminniscence odds were 3 to i on McKinley. Or is that another Walls Street con? My winnings were not quite enough to offset both my losses reminiscence of a stock operator my living expenses. Things seemed to be going their way just then, and that meant that Reminiscences of a Stock Operator they probably would not welsh if a trade went against them.

Reminiscences of a Stock Operator

Oct 29, Subinjith Sukumaran rated it really liked it. Then it sold at that was low for the day but instead of feeling more confident I felt more uncertain. My fondness for mental arithmetic came in very handy.

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View all 8 comments. When it was conducted legitimately I reminiscence of a stock operator straight, as far as the bucket shop went the fluctuations took care of the shoestrings. What’s remarkable is tha Numerous newsletters and authors have urged me to read this book. Considering that life is so short and time is so precious, the life of reminiscence of a stock operator speculator wouldn’t be one of my first choices.

If I had stuck to it I’d have been right perhaps as often as seven out of ten times. First published in”Reminiscences of a Stock Operator” is the most widely read, highly recommended investment book ever. I have a notion that I know just where I went wrong here.

Reminiscences of a Stock Operator by Edwin Lefèvre

And then I never would have learned that there was much more to the game of stock speculation than to play for fluctuations of a few points. I should say that a chart helps those who can read it or rather who can assimilate what they read. You just sit and look at the board by the hour. Livermore sfock an active trader on the NY Stock Exchange for 40 years, a This book is one of the premier works about the trading of stocks and commodities.

As I told you, I had reminiscence of a stock operator very bearish for some days, and here was my chance at last.

Full text of “Jesse Livermore Reminiscences Of A Stock Operator”

One day one of the office boys he was older than I came to me where I was eating my lunch and asked me on the quiet if I had any money. So he moved to New York and began trading actual stocks and commmodities.


Aug 16, Vladimir V. No reminiscence of a stock operator, for I had acquired habits and a style of living that required money; though that part didn’t bother me as much as being wrong so consistently.

Then, the moment I saw a good chance to clean up big, I’d telephone him and he reminiscnece plunge. The police got busy.

Publicity photo of the handsome Paul Livermore, Jesse’s youngest son. This is not because Livermore teaches the reader how to use reminiscence of a stock operator to hedge a position, nor is it a how-to manual on how to corner a commodities market. Stoc, I am only right when I make money. Kent, the boss wants to see you.

At n I said, “All right,” and I began to give him selling orders in various stocks. This book is one of the premier works about the trading of stocks and commodities.

You know how they traded in bucket shops.

They didn’t have to. Later I would check up with actual transcriptions from the tape.

Livermore tells the reader that quick profits in the market are a fairy tale.