12 Jul Kit includes plans and step by step video showing you how to put it all together. Easy to assemble!To Purchase Contact: Rick. I discovered this special type of generator when I was working on a new prototype for a free energy electrical motor. I placed my array of coils next to moving N We are now selling kits to our free energy motor and generator. For a limited time only! Hurry and get The SP AC Generator ยท Free Energy From The Earth.

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I personally guarantee The SP to work or your money back! We know of no other research group that has a generator and motor all in one like this! We are not allowed to manufacture a plug and play system.

Not shown in picture. Can easily be designed to operate at much higher voltages other than V AC.

All 34 plans and 7 videos as seen on this website! You must be 18 years or older to buy our plans and kits. Basic technical support is free for the first 3 months. Wind Mill Plans – Generators. Learn How to Screen Print. We do not give refunds on plans gwnerator or kits.

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Nuclear, coal, geothermal, and solar all just use or make steam Can also be built to run at 12 VDC, to charge a battery bank for home inverter use. We cut and drill and mill and thread it for you!

Aluminum Buss Bar Commutator is now included! New Albany, Indiana We knew from past experience, that the world leaders would not allow free energy devices like ours to be manufactured any where in the world! This engine does not run on any type of gasoline, oil or any other combustible fuel.

Fuelless Generator | Fuelless Energy – Fuelless heater

Generator can produce AC or DC! I have not uploaded my paper on free energy anywhere, but I have it as a PDF You can build our generator to run any size home! Also known as “the Generxtor Engine Model 2. Rated at 5, – 10, watts max -potential energy. It is a breakthrough in AC or DC generator design! Make Your Own Light Bulbs.

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I know I will have some questions coming up in the near future. The time for alternative energy is NOW!

Kits must be paid in advance. Great for many high voltage projects. Payment can be made by bank wire transfer, by personnel check USA Or by zc cashiers check. Very easy to build! Simon Derricutt John – have you tried building this? Send by Air Mail to: Kit includes plans and step by step video showing you how to put it all together. I don’t think there is any other generator in the world like our SP Generator, and it is not that generxtor to build!

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You should not have the need to do that since we are here to help you with technical support.

The Fuelless Engine

Make Your Own Light Bulbs. Our video is a demo video and is a great addition to these plans.

Close up of one assembled magnet rotor disk! I placed my array of coils next to a benerator N38 Neodymium magnet and what I saw on my volt meter just blew me away! We also offer the air coils which can be purchased at any quantity.

Free energy motor and generator all in one unit! Run Your Car Geneator Water. Again please notice we do not sell our kits for that reason, only as backyard research kits.