Discover Periyar E. Ramasamy famous and rare quotes. Share Periyar E. Ramasamy quotations about poverty, lying and worship. Thoughts And. 35 quotes from Periyar E.V. Ramasamy: ‘Foreigners are sending messages to the planets. We are sending rice and cereals to our dead fore-father through the. 24 Dec More Periyar E. V. Ramasamy Quotes. While all men are born Quoted in Collected Works of Thanthai Periyar E.V. Ramasami, Volume 1, p

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Periyar E. V. Ramasamy Quotes and Sayings – Page 1

There should not be exploitation. Ramasami [sic, Volumes ], p. Village reform is not merely cleaning the roads, constructing schools and worshipping monasteries. He has the right to marry any number of girls. In the name of God, ib, sastras you have duped us. BarbariansFoolWorship. Ramasamy, Priyar Center Tags: Hate thanthai periyar quotes in, PeopleCommunity.

Views Read Edit View history. Thanthai periyar quotes in day we present the best quotes! It is not mere celebration of festivals. Indian Journal of Social Development: By helping the poor, we must be able to remove their poverty.

Finally if it is our politics, come forward to declare it openly.


Ramasami, Volume 1, p. Man is equal to man.

Periyar E. V. Ramasamy

People cleanup Social activists Indians Tamil people births deaths. He is like a rocking log in water.

But thanthai periyar quotes in one has the right to prevent its expression. If there is right to divorce, right for widows to remarry and if women are now given certain rights, we will thahthai see prostitution in the country.

Bal Gangadhar Tilak Journalist. The way man treats women is much worse than the way landlords treat servants and the high-caste treat the low-caste.

The spear-head of thinking is rationalism. The way man treats women is much worse than the way landlords treat servants and the high-caste treat the low-caste. If thanthai periyar quotes in is temple, tank, or festival, boycott them. It is not because of lack of education that those people are constrained to do contemptible work and are considered lowly?

That is, the educated, the rich and the administrators should not suck the blood of the poor. WiseFatherCereal.


Wisdomliesthinkingspearheadrationalism. CountryLongPeople. No one should harm anybody. The word ‘Sudra’ which means ‘Son of prostitute’ should not find a thanthai periyar quotes in even in the history hereafter. Their sterling qualities should show the way to the people at large.

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WeneedexplainAryansenteredsettledDravidiancountrysubjugated. It is absurd to quote religion or God or religious doctrines to render the people as lowest castes. thanthai periyar quotes in

Quotes By Periyar E. V. Ramasamy

It is quotee big hoax played on us. There is no use of simply acquiring titles or amassing wealth if one has no self-respect and scientific knowledge. An International Journal, Volume 7, We are sending rice and cereals to our dead fore-father through the Brahmins. Retrieved from ” https: ReligiousPeopleDoctrine. Poverty and pestilence will live thanthai periyar quotes in in the country. It is a big hoax played on us.

Poverty and pestilence will live eternally in the country. Marriages should culminate on account of the wishes of the couple. A male thanthai periyar quotes in the right to wander about as he pleases. I have not talked of anything to despise the Brahminsjust because they are born as Brahmins.