The VICS (Voluntary Interindustry Commerce Standards) Bill Of Lading (BOL) provides inventory-processing information through supply chain to a shipper. Table 1. VICS Bill Of Lading for Shipment, SHIP FROM. Fields. Name, The company that is shipping the product. Address, The shipper’s street address. II. The Standard Bill of Lading Form GS1 US VICS Standard BOL http //www. gs1us. org/ then click Logistics for complete BOL guideline information. Date BILL .

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When selected, the BOL tab will not have a Group field and the Commodity Description field will be blank until filled in by the user.

It is stored on the server and can only be changed by contacting V-Technologies. Click the Format button to open the Variable Formatting window. This is the most commonly used type and consists of all the details required to complete a vics bol with a freight shipper regarding transport of the items being shipped. When a shipper manually enters the Bill of Vics bol, StarShip cannot enforce the correspondence between items in vicss shipment and items on the Bill of Lading.

Offers quick and convenient access to shipping documents from any PC, vics bol or smartphone. I think I agree with you, this type of report can’t be done in RS.

Vics Bill Lading – Fill Online, Printable, Fillable, Blank | PDFfiller

Create new group vics bol and commodity description s based on freight class: Disables the following settings under Bill of Lading: Use NMFC description as commodity description: This vics bol displays in the Shipment tab under General Information section and when you click Print Shipment on the toolbar.

This field is for display only. Otherwise, you may not receive the correct type or number of labels. Sign in to vote. If all 16 rows are filled a second page should get generated with the two tables split having the rest of the records on the second page.


The bill of lading is vics bol as a valid contract between the shipper and the carrier for the shipment of cargo to a named recipient; vics bol the cargo is transferred from the shipper to the carrier’s vehicle, the carrier agent will sign the document, confirming whether goods matching the contract description have been received in good condition. What is UCC number?

When shipment has no line items: This document must accompany the shipped goods, no matter the form of transportation, and must be signed by an authorized representative from the carrier, shipper vics bol receiver. It is predefined by V-Technologies and cannot be altered. The information is correct, however StarShip is rounding the individual order weights. Also if the text is too large to fit in a row, the report should wrap the text into the second line view vics bol shot.

Typically, similar items with the same class are grouped under one vics bol nol. This choice is available when Bill of Lading Type is Straight. What is a 17 digit bill of lading number?

Bill of lading vics bol serves as a receipt of shipment when the good is delivered to the predetermined destination. You can change the BOL to display vics bol decimal points in the Weight Column so that you can confirm that the weights are correct.

What is Bill of Lading? Follow the instructions provided to create a new template by copying the existing BOL that you want to use and saving the copied template under a new name. This is the vics bol setting. Inclusion of the UCC number generates system-wide unique bill vics bol lading number that helps retailer systems track each shipment with a unique handle.

Use Line Item Description as commodity description: StarShip will print the number vics bol labels shown in the Packaging view only; the number of labels printed is not affected by what you enter on the BOL tab. This number value determines the length of the generated BOL. The form and guidelines for use are available for download on the VICS website at this address: Here is my report I need to do, and Vics bol hope it can be done via Reporting Services.


Get the vics bill lading form

Vics bol settings provide vice as to how item packaging is converted to the bill of lading body. Use Line Item Number plus Description as commodity description: StarShip will automatically generate a group name and commodity description for items that are not already assigned to a group, based on the freight class. A rolling number is required when automatically generating the Bill of Lading number and the value entered will be used as the next BOL.

The bill of lading can also be considered a receipt. I will see if the user can change the specs for this report. This affects the amount of classification information shown in the Shipping Assistant. Vics bol bill of lading. You can define vics bol items that you ship with varying vics bol of freight classification.

VICS Bill of Lading – VICS BOL Software

Interfaces with QuickBooks and Sage 50 US formerly Peachtree to create bills of lading using information from the sales order or invoice. Disables the following vics bol under Shipment Processing: Since the data type is Float a numeric typeyou can specify the number of decimal places to include and whether or not a zero vics bol should be printed.

The bill of lading also includes the classification numbers of the vics bol to ensure proper rating. Click here for more info. Note that in order to leave shipment items loose or loose on a pallet, this option must be set to Straight.